Why We Partnered with College Vine (Formally Admissions Hero)

The majority of the tools and data available on College Factual are absolutely free for users. However, College Factual does work with carefully selected partners who we believe could provide valuable services to our audience. These partners share are values and business philosophy as well as a deep commitment to providing tools that help parents and students make the best education decisions possible. 

That is why we are excited to partner with College Vine.

College Vine offers a variety of services to students to help them succeed when it comes to college.

One of those services is an internationally recognized elite essay editing program. Students can upload an essay and have it reviewed for concept and theme, diction and syntax, spelling and grammar and more.

College Vine also has ACT and SAT tutoring services, as well as a unique mentorship program for elite students applying to competitive universities.

Our decision support tools are designed to assist parents and students to make better, more informed decisions when it comes to education. College Vine is an ideal partner for us as they work to take the mystery out of the college application process for the benefit of students and parents.

Learn more about how College Vine could help you by clicking the buttons below.

Supporting our partners is how you can support what we do, and for that we thank you.