More Tools For Veterans to Calculate Their Benefits

In the quest to provide veterans with improved decision-making tools, we’re happy to announce our partnership with Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran of America (IAVA) to create an updated Post 9/11 GI Bill cost calculator.

The tool allows veterans and active duty military to calculate how far their benefits will take them at schools of interest. Veterans will be able to calculate based on their length of service, and how much of their benefits they have already used. View the tool here.

The education benefits calculator builds off an earlier initiative from IAVA. The new tool incorporates College Factual’s data-driven rankings, as well as unique financial insight into each school.

The post 9/11 Gi Bill has already helped thousands of students pay for their education, but veterans and active duty military students still face many challenges. We’d like to help them avoid wasting their benefits on overpriced programs that don’t deliver results.

But just avoiding bad programs is not enough. We’d also like to help veterans find a college that is the perfect match for them, whether that means it is close to home, offers online options, or has great support for veterans on campus. 

Find the College That's Right For You

Our updated college matching tool is the most effective and comprehensive tool available today. Start here to begin calculating your matches in just 5-10 minutes.


About IAVA

The leading post 9/11 veteran group in America today, IAVA has a mission to celebrate, empower and unite veterans across the country. They work to provide accurate and up-to-date information to veterans, and connect veterans to each other and relevant resources and support. Learn more at