College Factual's 2016 College Rankings

College Factual has released their rankings for 2016, and this year Yale claims the top spot.

The top college of 2015, the University of Pennsylvania comes in at a respectable #2, with Duke University holding steady from last year in 3rd place.

View the whole ranking here.

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How Did We Come up With this Ranking?

Unlike other rankings that are heavily reliant on surveys, our rankings are based on data and focused on outcomes. We do take some incoming-based data into account, such as average SAT scores, but we keep it a small part of the rankings. Graduate rates, student loan default rates and the average starting salaries are typically much more important to the average student and their family.

We strive to keep our rankings as objective and informational as possible. We rank as many colleges as we have data for, which is nearly 1,400 schools across the U.S. 

Beyond Rankings to True Fit

Students do best at schools where they really fit well, not necessary the schools that rank the best. Choosing a college and major that is a good fit is one of the biggest predictors of success for students in college. 

Rankings can provide some interesting and valuable information, but they're just a starting point. That's why we're excited to announce the release of a new set of tools to help students find a true college match, based on location, academics, financial fit, and interests.

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