Veterans Use Our GI Bill® Calculator to Quickly Calculate Benefits

Our updated GI Bill® Calculator can now be found on Military Times. Alongside their own Best for Vets Rankings, Military Times is also supplementing their content with College Factual's Best Schools for Veterans by Major. 

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About the GI Bill® Calculator

The GI Bill® Calculator was developed with data from the Department of Education and Veterans Affairs. 

Veterans can use the tool to calculate costs and compare up to three colleges at once. Users will quickly learn a college's sticker price, the school's average Yellow Ribbon award, how many benefits will be paid to them and how much to the school, as well as room and board fees, their military housing allowance, and costs of books and supplies.

Try the Tool!

Try the Tool!

This allows veterans to easily see and compare their total out-of-pocket costs of attending a school. They will also be able to see measures of the school's overall quality and support for veterans, because what good is an affordable school if it doesn't actually help you learn? 

The GI Bill® Calculator is also hosted by IAVA at, and available at