ITT Tech Students: Start Here to Find What's Next

Are you one of thousands of students who have been affected by the closure of ITT Technical Institute?

Here's what to do next:

Option 1: Transfer to Another School

Students who have progressed far enough in their degree are probably interested in transferring as many credits as they can and finishing their degree at another institution.

Here are some schools that have stated they will accept credits from ITT Tech:

These are not the only schools that may accept your credit. Contact any school you are interested in to ask them about your personal situation.

For best results, choose a college that will meet all of your needs. We recommend completing college match to build your college list.

Option 2: Student Loan Forgiveness

You can attempt to apply for student loan forgiveness, but it is only an option to you if you relinquish the credits you have earned from the school so far. This could be the best option for students who are ok with restarting their degree from scratch. 

Use this resource to learn how to begin your student loan forgiveness process.