Tuition and Fees FAQ

Tuition and fees are just one of many things you must consider before selecting and attending a college. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that may provide you with more information.

Do Tuition and Fees always increase every year?

Unfortunately, tuition increases are very common. According to the College Board, in the past 10 years tuition has increased 3.5% per year at all public universities, and 2.4% at all private universities. If price increases are a concern for you, look for colleges that have announced a price freeze or price decreases.

If a school charges a lot for tuition, does that mean it's a high-quality school?

Not necessarily. Some schools cost more because of their location, high administrative fees, or other fancy extras. College Factual's value ranking gives you an idea of how expensive a particular school is for the quality they provide. For more information check out our Value pages unique to each college and university.  

How much will I have to pay to attend college?

Most students don't actually pay the full sticker price (i.e. the full tuition and fees) that is quoted by the college. If you are eligible for financial aid or resident discounts, your final price will be much lower. Visit the Net Price Page for your future college or university to get a better idea of what your actual price will be to attend.

Why do schools quote such a high sticker price if most people don't pay the full price?

Some students who do not qualify for financial aid or other discounts will actually pay the full sticker price. Those students who can afford to pay full tuition are subsidizing the cost of college for other students who cannot afford it.

I'm an international student. Do these numbers apply to me?

International students are often charged full tuition to attend a U.S. college or university. Sometimes they are also charged extra fees that do not apply to U.S. students. However, some schools also set aside scholarships specifically for international students. Check in with specific college tuition and fees pages to find out how much it will cost you to attend.