Exploring the Field of Engineering

Want to make a lot of money with a four-year degree? Choose a major in engineering.

Engineering is by far the highest paid bachelor’s degree. College Factual ran the numbers in their database, and the 18 highest paying majors were all in the field of engineering.

The 19th and 20th highest paying majors are computer science and nursing. And then coming in at 21 is Civil Engineering with an average early career salary of $52,700.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 2.7% growth in the field of architecture and engineering and a median salary of $75,000 for such workers.

For students who want to start their career earning a good salary right away, engineering is an obvious choice. The major appeals to the scientific and mathematical mind who is also creative and finds satisfaction in seeing projects through from start to finish.

Use these rankings to explore some of the top engineering programs in the nation. 

Note that this is a ranking of Engineering as a field of study. To learn more about the engineering field and explore all of the individual majors offered within this field, see this resource.

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