Why We Partnered with Score Beyond

We want to offer the best experience possible to our users, which is why the vast majority of our tools and data are available to users for free.

However, we do work with carefully chosen partners who we believe can offer value to parents and students making education decisions. Support for our partners allows us to keep offering out tools for free.

ScoreBeyond has a unique model that uses data and technology to quickly narrow in on a student’s weak spots to provide support and tutoring that will help that student the most. 

Students can begin quickly and easily with a mobile app that allows them to take a practice test. ScoreBeyond analyzes their results to identify specific subject matter the student should focus on to improve their score. 

Once tutoring services are engaged, students will receive specialized training and support targeted to their weak areas. This is all done at an extremely reasonable cost and takes much less time than classic test preparation services.  

The ScoreBeyond model has services that work for all types of students, from self-starters to those who need more guidance and assistance. The more you put into it, the better results you will see! 

Their average tutoring client sees a lift of 193 points on their SAT score or 4 points on the ACT score.

ScoreBeyond is disrupting the test preparation portion of the higher education industry with a data-driven approach to assisting students in improving their SAT and ACT test scoring abilities. We have great confidence in ScoreBeyond’s technology and tutors. They have far and beyond outperformed other similar companies in improving the SAT scores of the students who use their product and offer guarantees for their services.

Supporting our partners is how you can support what we do, and for that we thank you.