Why We Partnered with Credible

Advanced College Matching Platform Partners with Advanced Loan Matching Platform.

College Factual's goal is to be the best in the business at helping students achieve their dream future. We want to help students find their future faster, and to that end we've built an extensive database of college profiles, customized college rankings, and advanced matching algorithms to get students started on finding their ideal majors, careers and building their college list.

All of these tools will arm students and parents with the knowledge they need to make wise educational decisions. Our aim is to help students get accepted into a school they will love, where they won't be dropping out or transferring in a year, and where they have the best chance of graduating on time with excellent career prospects.

We are proud that we are able to offer the vast majority of our tools completely free to students. But we know that the endeavor of going to college is not a cheap one. Loans are often necessary, but they don't have to be overwhelming.

We want to make sure you can finance your future taking advantage of the best offers possible. This is where our partners at Credible come in.

Compare Personalized Loan Offers

We have researched the options to finane a college education. Government loans are one piece of the puzzle, but they aren't always the answer. Credible is unique in their ability to bring together all potential private lending sources you qualify for.

We provide the best college matching technology available. Credible provides the best student loan matching technology available. For this reason it was obvious to us that Credible is the best partner for us to team up with to offer our users a pathway to finance their education dreams.

We were also excited by the potential money parents and college graduates could save by reducing their interest rates refinancing current loans! 


Supporting our partners is how you can support what we do, and for that we thank you.